30 before 30 – A 6-month Update

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6 months ago, I turned 29. Since 29 isn’t a particularly celebrated milestone, in true type A fashion, I made a list called 30 before 30.

30 before 30 is an ambitious list of things I wanted to accomplish before my 30th birthday.

For a couple of weeks, I was gung-ho about checking off all the things on my list.

Then, life happened.

The last few months have proven to be busy, with visitors all summer, a trip to Spain & Portugal, and general life stuff.

But now I’m back and ready to conquer that list!

I will continue to post updates for the next six months to keep you updated on my journey of 30 before 30!


🚧 TWO: Re-watch my favourite Disney classics

Co-incidentally, this we just got Disney +, I think this weekend may be it!

🚧 THREE: Eat at a restaurant alone

In May, I was in Boston and enjoyed lunch by myself at Flour Bakery in Boston. But I was on my phone the whole time, so I don’t think this experience fully counts. But I did dip my feet into the experience.

🚧 EIGHT: Learn another language

This is something I’m going to have to push myself next year. We spoke words of Spanish while on our honeymoon in Spain, does that count?

🚧 NINE: Read 50 books in one year

So far, I’ve read 13 books since my birthday. I’m not halfway to my goal yet, but I’ll have to push myself over the next 6 months to get there!

🚧 FOURTEEN: Buy a Piece of Art

Over the last few months, we’ve actually bought a few pieces for our condo, from a couple of artists at local fairs in Toronto, as well as pieces we found while roaming around Spain and Portugal. Still have to put up the art in the condo before I can check off this!

🚧 EIGHTEEN: Revamp / Clean out my closet

I’ve made it through half my closet. I actually did some of this cleaning earlier in the summer. Will have to take out a couple of weekends in January maybe to finish this project. Then I can shop again!

🚧 NINETEEN: Learn to keep plants & herbs alive

I started growing basil at the beginning of fall indoors. It’s been growing but not ready to harvest yet. Hopefully it’ll stay alive! *fingers crossed*

✅ TWENTY: Try a new cuisine

One down!

We ate a lot of Spanish and Portuguese food while on our honeymoon in September. I learned a lot about the food, and it’s different regions.

🚧 TWENTY-FIVE: Journal Everyday

I use the Five Minute Journal App on my phone. My success rate is about 50% right now, definitely a habit in the works

🚧 TWENTY-EIGHT: Wear a full face of makeup once a week

I’ve been doing this once a week, and I even cleaned out and threw out old make-up!

🚧 TWENTY-NINE: Meditate at least once a week

This has been one of my new November habits! I’ve started meditating with the app Headspace, and so far I’ve only been doing their free basics course. It is definitely a habit I enjoy. Some days, I find myself meditating twice a day!

🚧 THIRTY: Be KIND to myself

Since using the Five Minute Journal App and starting to meditate regularly, I’ve noticed that I’ve been less critical of myself. This will definitely be a life-long work in progress.

You can catch the full list here!

Let me know if you’ve made a list like this before!



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