A Note to Myself for 2020

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Dear You,

It’s finally 2020 – New year, new decade!

Yes, it is a cliche, but you’re embracing the reflecting and planning, because this is what you live for!

2019 was a year of slowing down; a glimpse into a year filled with creativity and doing your own thing, but right now you couldn’t imagine trading in a second of it for life behind a desk.

There were highs and lows, but it was all worth it.

Much of the year was filled with baking cakes and macarons, writing about it, and a chance to share it all with friends, family and even strangers on the internet.

2019 was a year of trying it all. Learning many new skills, outside of the corporate world, outside of the skills you learned in school. You also learned a lot about yourself, and the many things that are capable of, when you are not doubting yourself.

So dear self, here are the things you learned in 2019. Make sure to carry it with you, and grow from it.

A Note to Myself for 2020

Biggest lessons of 2019

Accept that you are multi-passionate

There is no one true “purpose” or “passion” that will make you feel fulfilled.

No, you are not indecisive. You are multi-passionate. Accept it, and find a way to make it work for you. It is what makes you uniquely you.

Yes, you have many interests, lots of skills you want to learn, and yes, time is scarce.

But right now, you don’t need to make a life-long commitment. Focus on a few things, and do them well. Then, I promise you, will have the time to explore it all!

As Marie Forleo said, Having multiple strengths & passions can be a tremendous gift, as long as you embrace it.

Having multiple strengths & passions can be a tremendous gift, as long as you embrace it.

Marie Forleo

Creativity is a process

Sometimes, creative inspiration can be difficult to spark, and at other times one can be so filled by it, that you cannot focus on one thing.

You feel like you’ve lost a lot of time, on non-creative pursuits. But slow down. You have to continue practicing the basics. Then creativity will spark, and when the flood gates open, they really open.

Creativity is a challenge; creativity takes work. It takes relentless pursuit of trying new ideas; it is subjective and there is no one right answer!

Don’t judge yourself too harshly

It’s easy to judge how far ahead others might be based on what you see online. But remind yourself that you don’t know their entire story.

It’s easy to say that you could’ve done better in hindsight. But you really don’t know.

Plus, you are you, and you need to embrace your own uniqueness.

You’re lucky – be grateful for it all

You’re blessed to have a great support system of family and friends.

It is okay that they may not understand all your decisions. But they are they have been there for you, when you need it most. Make sure to appreciate that!

A Note to Myself for 2020

Looking to 2020

So look ahead to the next year, and make it your best yet.

2020 has to be the year focus, a year of finessing, a year where skills and interest align, and putting the rest on the back burner.

Five things to remember as you go forth into the new year:

ONE: Stop Overthinking & Start Executing

2020 will be the year of saying things aloud, and holding myself accountable to my ideas.

Not starting something because I am comparing myself to those who are ahead of me is only an excuse.

TWO: Push Yourself to do more

Get out of my comfort zone, and do some of those things that you envy others for.

There’s nothing stopping you, but you.

A Note to Myself for 2020

THREE: Allow yourself to fail

Unlike accounting, the world is just black or white. Not all paths are straight roads. There are grey areas, winding roads, and there is not always one right answer for everything in life.

There are many ways to do the same thing, and get good results. The only way you’ll know, is if you try a few things, and fail a few times.

Failure will make the success sweeter.

FOUR: Consistency is the key to success

Whether it’s getting better with habits, or learning a new skill, being consistent will be the key that will set you apart.

Be disciplined. Remind yourself why you started.

FIVE: It’s about progress not perfection

Start before you think you’re ready. You’ll probably never be ready, but at least you’ll begin the process.

You will learn, you will probably fail.

No, you are not perfect, but no one is perfect. You’re doing better than you think.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

These are the keys to carry you into 2020.

And remember to not take it too seriously. You are turning 30 this year, so remember to have fun, and also accomplish all those things you set out to get through on your 30 before 30 list!


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