Sprinkles and Scribbles

Grab a fork, and tag along!


I’m a self-taught cook, baker, and food lover from Toronto, Canada who is also addicted to coffee, Netflix, and travelling.

I am also a number cruncher (aka an accountant).

Why do I blog? 

One reason was to dabble into writing. It has always been a creative outlet that enticed me but I had no reason to pursue it in work or everyday life. This blog pushes me to express myself in writing.

The second reason was to keep me busy while I find my next passion project.

This blog, Sprinkles & Scribbles, is a way for me to communicate with the world.

  • Sprinkles represents my love of all things food – eating and cooking
  • Scribbles represents all the things I want to write about that fall in other categories. In this category you’ll find yourself reading about everything and nothing.

I hope you enjoy the content and would love to know your thoughts!

See you soon! 🙂

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