April: Showers before Flowers

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April was a busy month! This year as a whole, so far, has felt like a blur. The only way I can actually recall what happened in April is by looking at photos on my phone, which by the way, are mostly of food and things I’ve baked. Still, they do give me a good anchor of what I was up to!

April is usually a blur for me because I’m looking forward to May. May is my birthday month, so I try to pack it with lots of fun, and at least a trip out of town! Which means, April is when I try to get as much as possible done!

The nice thing about April was that the sun was out longer. I actually made it to the gym at least twice every week! Hoping to continue this gym trend across

I’ve started posting updates on my blog as a way of being accountable to myself, more than any other reason.


Bake Bake Bake

There was a lot of baking this month! Easter kept me busy with cupcakes, cookies, and even some cake orders. I love baking, so I was quite happy to be spending quality time in my kitchen!

Barista Course

If you’ve been reading this long enough, you’ll know I love coffee. Not only because it helps me wake up in the morning, but I actually enjoy good coffee. I’m also a bit of a coffee snob, so I took a Barista training course to learn more about specialty coffee at Pilot Coffee Roasters. To be honest, they make one of the best cups in the city of Toronto so it was a privilege learning from them!

I was a bit consumed in the course, and didn’t take any photos unfortunately 🙁

But there was so much I learned about how it’s not just about the quality of the beans, but the technique of making a perfect espresso. We also learned how to steam milk for lattes and instead of practicing with milk, we practiced with dish soap! I was thoroughly amused as to how closely the dish soap resembled milk!

We have an espresso machine at home, and I can already tell that my espressos are turning out better by incorporating some of their tips!

If you are interested in the course, check it out at Pilot Coffee Roasters.


So my productivity took a hit this month. I deviated from my typically bullet journal method that I’ve been raving about because there have been so many little projects that take up my time. So I’m trying a new method, between my bullet journal, Trello, and my calendar!

Once it’s finessed, I’ll share how I set it all up!


Despite being busy, I made a conscious decision to read rather than watch re-runs of shows on Netflix. I somehow got through three books this month! They were all fiction, which I find much easier to read.

I think I’ve gotten through my chick-lit quota for the year, and it’s not even summer yet! These are the types of book I love to read on vacation! 

Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

This book most definitely falls in the realm of chick-lit. I wanted some entertaining light reads this month, so this was a great pick! It had all the elements of a chick-lit, but the characters remained relatable. There was some underlying commentary on race in our society, that came across as the main characters were in an interracial relationship! It actually made the book a lot more realistic!

Definitely, don’t pick up this book if you’re looking for an in-depth serious read. But if you’re looking to ease into a reading habit, I’d give this book a shot!

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

The Proposal - Jasmine Guillory

Since I enjoyed the Wedding Date, I thought I’d give The Proposal a shot! As much as I enjoyed this book, I wish I’d waited a bit after the Wedding Date to read this. The Proposal is by the same author and is the story of one of the side characters that do appear in the Wedding Date. It follows the same formula, in many ways. The meet-cute scene, there’s chemistry, but they’re not sure, followed by some failed communication that makes them almost break up. And then one or both come to their senses. I’m a sucker for these stories. Nikki is a journalist, and her friends who are strongly present in her life; one is an actress, and the other a cupcake shop owner. Overall, all the elements of a romantic comedy are present in this story. Making this a bit too predictable for me! But I don’t think I can blame the author for my decision to read all these chick-lits together.

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

This one was also a fiction book, but this was is heavy; a hauntingly beautiful read. So much emotion.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The premise is of a couple, in which the husband is wrongly accused of rape, and subsequently sentenced to prison. This was a heartbreaking story! It was so vividly written, that I could imagine the pain of the characters. It is a haunting reminder of how we’re all flawed. And when thrown into extraordinary circumstances, it’s hard to come out of the other side unscathed. Without too many spoilers, this one might even be a tear-jerker. It was a hauntingly beautiful read.

I do have to say that this was so beautifully, and vividly written, that it was hard to put down!


Did you catch all the posts this month? There were a total of five! See, I was busy this month!

  • Of course, there was the typical monthly reflection for March.
  • Dressing up your Macarons – I got to harp on about my favorite French cookies, and all the ways I’ve been dressing them up as if they aren’t elegant enough!
  • An Easter cookie recipe – (which now seems ages ago), but really it’s perfect for anytime you have Mini Eggs lying around that you haven’t eaten yet (I know, that’s almost impossible).
  • An Ode to Rose – I shared a whole lot about a skincare miracle in my routine – rose, and all the ways you can use it!
  • An easy recipe for some dinner inspiration – Chicken sort of Piccata


  • It’s BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Yes, that’s right it’s a month of celebration, not just a day or even a weekend! This year I’m turning 29, which is not a milestone. But I am going to use this year to reflect on what I want to do before 30, and I’m working on a 30 before 30 list. Follow along in my journey as I try to get my life in order.
  • A bit of traveling:
    • I was in Las Vegas earlier this month for a friend’s bachelorette (which is admittedly why this update post is long overdue!)
    • I’ll be heading to the Cape Cod / New England area for a long weekend in a couple of weeks!
  • There is a lot of studying that’ll happen this month – it just has to get done! If anyone has any tips to stay motivated while studying, PLEASE send them to me!

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