Let’s talk about progress – taking a brave step

Out with the old, in with 2019!

2018 – you were good. 2019, whatcha got for me?

One week into the year and I have yet to write a reflection / looking ahead post – it’s a necessity for a blog right?

Okay, clearly I’ve been one lazy bum – hey, I’ve been busy! So far this year, I’ve already binge watched Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Prime (you should too!), on my way to binging You on Netflix, and rewatching Parks and Rec!


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Funemployed: Baking is my happy place (Week #13)

Last week was kind of a blur! I baked A LOT! Lots of cupcakes, macarons testing recipes and practicing! When I bake I’m in my zone, I also enjoy the solitude of it, and it doesn’t hurt when it all looks pretty afterwards. Last week reinforced that this is my happy place.


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Funemployed: 2019 is near! (Week #11)
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Funemployed: 2019 is near! (Week #11)

It’s the last week of November! We’re inching closer to the end of the year, and soon it’ll be holiday season. I’m definitely excited for the season of cookies, gifts, and celebrations! That’s my drive to make the next few weeks count!


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Funemployed: Organized mind (Week #10)

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I am one of those Type A personalities, who enjoys creativity. Is that a thing?

I typically use my phone to keep track of events, to-do lists, but lately I’ve found that I need to organize my thoughts more through pen and paper. The only trouble I have with pen and paper is that either the papers get lost or the notebook lack organization. I can’t tell you how many half finished notebooks I have in my possession.


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Funemployed: Intentional Learning (Week #9)
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Funemployed: Intentional Learning (Week #9)

Last week was quite uneventful for the most part. It was filled with lots of baking: cookies, cupcakes, macarons – i.e.: my happy place. I also reconnected with my colleagues and it was a nice chance of pace. It made me realize how happy I am with the decision I’ve made.

I think all this distraction was much needed to get away from the online rehashing of what happened in the midterm elections. The voter turnout and the results were definitely a sigh of relief for those of us watching from afar. All hope is not lost!


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