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Sunday Scribbles

Sunday Scribbles #1

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated this blog! But after a short hiatus, I’m back, and I’ll be starting at least updating it weekly with Sunday Scribbles! Tasting On Monday, we actually meal prepped for the entire week, by grilling. BBQing might be one of my favorite things about the summer! Just marinate …


April: Showers before Flowers

April was a busy month! This year as a whole, so far, has felt like a blur. The only way I can actually recall what happened in April is by looking at photos on my phone, which by the way, are mostly of food and things I’ve baked. Still, they do give me a good …


January: The month of Better

I honestly feel a sense of relief as January has finally ended. Throughout the month of January, there is a constant pressure to do things better, to do things faster, to do things more efficiently, just because we’ve changed the calendars from 2018 to 2019. January is the month of keeping up with the resolutions …

Turkish poached eggs - (menemen) served with olives and cucumbers

Let’s Feast: Try this Turkish Breakfast Recipe

We’re continuing our trip around Turkey as part of the series on exploring food around the globe – Food Trotter! This time with Turkish Breakfast! Turkey’s culinary culture has been so fascinating country to explore because of the many influences throughout its history. My experience so far with Turkish cuisine is that it is not spicy, …