10 Daily Habits that actually Make me feel better


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There are millions of ways to better yourself, that actually help you physically and mentally.

Some people advocate getting up early (like at 4 am), running a marathon every day, giving up TV/social media, eating only green things. The list goes on!

But in reality, your lifestyle is unique, what works for someone else may not be ideal for you. You are the only one who can judge what daily habits you need to tweak in your life to help you feel better.

These habits don’t need to be expensive or require a ton of time investment. But over time, I have learned what works for me and what doesn’t.

Like, I might not be a morning (5 am riser) kinda person, but I can still create a routine in the morning that helps set the tone for the day!

I may not be consistent with all these daily habits every day, but being aware of which ones are good for me personally, has improved my quality of life drastically!

Here are the 10 habits that have actually helped me feel better.

#1: Planning my day (even weekends)

I use different ways to motivate myself to make sure I actually get the things I need to be done. Finding balance with juggling work, home, and me-time has always been a struggle.

I find that if I create a plan for the day, it helps me keep on track to achieve the goals that I want. It also helps to make sure that I am not overextending myself with what I am striving to achieve!

#2: Drink enough water

Honestly, this is the cheapest habit!

Every morning I drink 3 glasses of water to start my day, and only then drink my daily coffee. Kickstarting each morning with water, helps me feel hydrated and more energized.

#3: Skincare routine

My skin is super sensitive, and would constantly break out! I used to think it was oily but it turns out it was dry and my skin was overcompensating by producing oils.

Trying different products for my skin has been a challenge! I found certain ingredients like rose water have been so good for my skin. After experimenting with different products I have finally figured out what I need to do with my skin weekly, daily and even monthly to help it stay clear.

The daily/weekly/monthly habits that are now part of my skincare routine have actually helped me improve my skin and I can finally step out of the house without any makeup on!

#4: Daily Stretch

This is something I never really understood, as I was never someone who played sports, nor was I athletic.

But creating a habit to stretch at least 10 minutes daily, helps me to step away from my screen, and also just give myself a break.

This has been a game changer especially during the pandemic!

#5: Mood tracker

I tried lots of different spreads when I first started using a bullet journal.

One of the habits that I have stuck by is a mood tracker. Tracking my mood daily helps me to be aware of how I am feeling and tweak my days as needed. Sometimes, I have a series of days where I am constantly feeling tired – and it helps me cue into the fact that I might need to slow down, and make time to just relax.

Other times, I’ve found pattern in my monthly cycles. I used to think it was weird, but I’ve noticed more people sharing how to build your business around your periods. I recently bookmarked this podcast called Periods & Power Moves, to learn more!

#6: Watering my plants

There’s something cathartic about taking care of living things. I’m not. pet person, nor are we ready for kids yet, but I love taking care of my plant babies.

Currently, I have two plants on my window sill, a jade plant, and an African Violet. Both these are low maintenance and don’t require constant watering. But taking care of them, and seeing them grow has made our space so much brighter!

#7: Turning off notifications

This one has been a difficult habit to start. But turning off social media notifications has been a blessing for me!

I have turned off most app notifications on my phone, so anytime I actually click on an app, I am doing so with an intention, rather than mindless scrolls.

#8: House chores in my calendar

I hate cleaning the condo, but then I feel so much better when things are cleaned. The way I get around this is by scheduling my household chores in my calendar. Like cleaning the bathroom every Wednesday, and reminding myself to change the towels and sheets every Sunday.

Having these habits in my calendar, helps me plan my days, which is already something that helps me feel better. And then there is the added satisfaction of checking something off my list!

#9: Schedule “Self-care”

I’m a Type A – perfectionist – overachiever type of girl. So naturally, I schedule things in my calendar and my to-do list.

This habit actually helps me to make sure I am taking time to do things for myself, rather than only doing them as a reward.

Over time, I have built checklists of things I do daily, weekly, and monthly! These checklists are of course not set in stone, and change as my needs change, but they remind me to take the time to take care of myself! If you’re curious, I use the app Todoist to set recurring reminders.

#10: Reading daily before bed

I love reading! But I often get stuck in an endless binge cycle of Netflix, falling asleep on the couch, and then not reading.

Scheduling time to read right before bed is perfect. It helps me to wind down, get away from my phone and the news, and just focus on the book I’m reading.

Your Turn

Are there any daily habits that you have committed to that make you feel better?


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  • Boss Babe Chronicles July 17, 2020 at 1:04 PM

    I do a lot of the same things you do such as drinking water, watering plants, planning my day and turning off notifications. These all help a lot! Taking breaks is an important one for me as well because I tend to be a little bit of a workaholic.

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