Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

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Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo is a kick in the butt with actionable advice!

Author: Marie Forleo

Genre: Nonfiction / Business / Self help

Anum’s Rating: 4 stars

I’ve been following Marie Forleo across her channels, so I was quite excited to pick up her book! I read it late last year, and enjoyed that it was an easy read, with some actionable advice!

Everything is Figureoutable: Book Summary

Marie Forleo is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, who runs a digital company, and is the host of MarieTV. She runs a popular program called BSchool as well.

She coaches people from all walks of life, from their business to personal lifes.

Marie Forleo herself bounced around in a lot of different careers, while she tried to find her true passion. And then she spent a lot of time building her coaching business.

I find her YouTube videos called Marie TV quite useful, and her book was advertised on many of the podcasts I listen to, so naturally felt like I should pick up the book!

The book is an easy read, with ten chapters. Each chapter ends with an Insight to Action challenge, which is a practical exercise or journal prompt that helps put into action the chapter you just read. The book is written, like she speaks on her videos and podcasts, and is easy to follow.

What’s in it for me?

If you’re not sure, I would suggest you watch a few of her YouTube videos and podcasts to get a sense of whether you agree with her perspective. She has an easy to understand, friendly way of speaking to the audience.

It’s a great book to connect self-help advice with actionable exercises that allow you to discover how you can overcome these challenges in your own life.

Definitely, an easy read, that can be read fairly quickly. The real value of the book is in the exercises and challenges that are sprinkled throughout the book. Although you could read the book in a few hours, I I would recommend taking your time with the book, and do the challenges at the end of each chapter to get the full experience.

Not for you if…

Of course, none of her concepts are necessarily novel new thoughts.

But every now and then, we need to be reminded of lessons and how others are dealing with similar challenges, especially when it comes to mindset. We are often our biggest critic, and our mindset is responsible for limiting ourselves.

There is some science in the book, to link the advice she has; however it is not heavy on the academic or scientific facts. If you’re looking for a more academic view of self-help psychology, this is not the book.

5 thoughts + Lessons

What you take from a book is only worth the lessons you learn.

1 – Everything is Figureoutable

She really tries to drill this into your head. And of course it is the title of the book.

But nevertheless, it is an important mindset. There is always a way! You just have to will it to happen!

2 – Start before you are ready

We often wait for the perfect moment, or the perfect touch, before we are ready to start or launch something.

She emphasizes that following the 80/20 rule is often good enough – you don’t need to get to a 100% percent. You’ll make up the way as you launch and get feedback on your ideas!

3 – There’s always a way around your excuses

Are you looking for excuses? There will always be a reason why you should not do something. But you will also find a way once you say yes, if it’s really something that you want!

4 – Don’t pretend to be a snowflake

This was the kick in the butt part of the book. Everyone has problems, some more than others, but you are not unique.

Again if you’re looking for a unique solution to your problem, you’re trying to find an excuse!

5 – Regret of inaction is stronger than doing something and failing at it

I love this perspective of regret. Most people have a list of regrets, that include doing nothing. When people put their plans into action, even if it doesn’t go the way they had initially planned, it is an opportunity to learn and grow!

Favorite quotes

“The most powerful words in the universe are the words you say to yourself.”
― Marie Forleo, Everything is Figureoutable

“Insight without action is worthless. Taking action is the only path to change.”
― Marie Forleo, Everything is Figureoutable

Overall take:

Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo is a kick in the butt with actionable advice!

I would love to hear what you thought of the book, if you’ve read it!


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