cookies for Valentine's Day

February: The month of Love and Getting it Together

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February – even though there are 28 days, it still feels like a very, very short month! I’m not even sure where my time went!

winter toronto

Thankfully it’s officially March! And we have spring to look forward to! Here we’ll still be seeing some cold weather this week, but I’m hoping that we’ll be in for some great weather after that!

Now that we’re out of February, at least the sun is out more often! I’ve been waking up earlier (and happier), just because the sun is out earlier!

February was quite an eventful month, with Valentine’s Day and a trip to Johnson City, Tennessee for me!

There were a few other reasons to celebrate the month of February!



I typically don’t follow football AT ALL! But the Superbowl is just an excuse to get together, so why not! We had a few friends over for the game. The Superbowl, the football game was a dud. I was definitely not impressed with the game, the half time show or the ads this year! Good thing we had lots of food to celebrate!

I made my favorite confetti cookies and a spicy cheeseboard, complete with some spicy Doritos. Have you ever had chips on a cheeseboard? It takes crunch to a whole new level! We also ordered some pizza, and capped the night off with some hot chocolate.

Overall, a dull game saved by some good food!

6 Months of Marriage & One Year of being a Homeowner

February marked the 6 month anniversary of our wedding! Time really does fly. I love being married, mostly because it means that the period of wedding planning is behind me. I did have fun doing the planning, but it took a toll on me, and I’m happy I’m not constantly thinking about the wedding!

We also celebrated one year of being homeowners! Honestly, the first thought me and my husband had was, are we up to date on our home insurance? Our condo is in a constant state of redecorating / reorganization! I used to spend a lot of time shopping for clothes, now that’s been replaced by shopping for the home, and stocking up the kitchen! The realities of adulthood are real.

Valentine’s Day

As much as I know Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday, I think it’s a great excuse to celebrate.

cookies for Valentine's Day

What I also love about Valentine’s Day is all the baking I can do, especially because it involves the color pink!

For Valentine’s Day we stayed in. I cooked dinner, a beef wellington which didn’t exactly turn out as planned. It tasted great, but didn’t photograph too well unfortunately.

I also made a Nutella swirled cheesecake wrapped in chocolate lace, and topped with chocolate covered strawberries.

nutella cheesecake

We’ve been trying to spend less time watching TV so for Valentine’s Day, I got us some board games for two: Monopoly Deal, and Codenames! It’s been a good way to spend active time together since we can both get competitive!

Adventure to Johnson City, TN

My parents recently moved from Boston to Johnson City, Tennessee. The area is called Tri-Cities, and it is much bigger than I thought it would be!

It was a nice change of pace compared to Toronto, a hectic and busy city, where we’re surrounded by tall buildings. It also didn’t hurt that the temperature was constantly ABOVE freezing, and I could shed my winter jacket if only for a few days.

There are a few nice around there for day trips. We got to go outlet mall shopping one day, which unfortunately was rudely interrupted by nature with lots of rain and localized flooding.

We also visited a cute little city in North Carolina called Asheville for a day trip. I’ll have a travel guide up for it soon!

Continuing on that Bullet Journal Train

I continued to write in my bullet journal! This officially marks the longest time I’ve followed a system of organization.

I continued to write in my bullet journal! This officially marks the longest time I’ve followed a system of organization.

I think what I like best about this bullet journal method is the flexibility of it. If I’m not feeling particularly creative, I can free form into whatever method suits my mood. I can miss a week without having to look back at an empty page. And if I think I no longer want to track a habit or continue a type of page, I can just skip ahead!

Books I read in February

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be by Rachel Hollis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was intrigued by this book, and as I started it, I thought I’d enjoy it. The voice it’s written in is light, and almost blog-like, which makes it a light read.
The book was separated into different chapters that are “lies” we tell ourselves and each chapter ends with some tips that Rachel uses to overcome them.
I do enjoy reading about people’s journeys, and how they overcome challenges. Rachel Hollis did talk about these, but they seemed to be very on the surface. I would have liked her to deep dive into the challenges she faced, rather than only present the solution, so that we could get more in her head.
There were a few chapters that didn’t apply to me because it was her challenges in motherhood and adoption.
Overall, although the message of the book seemed to be uplifting, it didn’t quite resonate with me.

One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter

One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is a collection of personal essays by Canadian, daughter of Indian parents growing up in Calgary.

Scaachi’s sarcastic writing was perfect to tell her stories of her growing up, while talking about real issues, that many of us South Asians living in Canada have observed. I loved how candid she was about so many observations, and didn’t hold back! It makes the stories very authentic!

It’s a great read, if you’re into autobiographies, and need a laugh, this book is highly recommended!


I had a few different posts this month, with varying topics. February marked a bit of a detour from food, as I had lots to say on some other topics:

Looking ahead to March

  • The launch of Whisked Away Gifts – an online business I’m launching with my mom!
  • St. Patrick’s Day: I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but I love baking some green/rainbow treats, so I’m sure you’ll see some of those on the blog!
  • I’m so excited for Spring. I really hope that Mother Nature gets the memo for warmer weather!
  • Trying a new country on the Food Trotter series, I’m thinking Germany!
  • Getting into study mode again – After a couple of years away from studying, I’m planning to write the CFA Level 3 exam in June, so my slow pace studying is soon to take over my life. I think March seems like the month for that!



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