Funemployed: Baking is my happy place (Week #13)

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Last week was kind of a blur! I baked A LOT! Lots of cupcakes, macarons testing recipes and practicing! When I bake I’m in my zone, I also enjoy the solitude of it, and it doesn’t hurt when it all looks pretty afterwards. Last week reinforced that this is my happy place.

macarons holidayWe’re also getting ready for the holidays! Finally got the tree up, and it looks kind of small in this new condo. Maybe I’ll have to prop it up on something to make it look taller? Nevertheless, the tree makes me smile. Despite not being from a Christian household, we celebrate the holidays! Ever since the family has been scattered across North America, the holidays are a time for us to come together and celebrate. There’s usually a lot delicious food, good conversation and gifts involved just like any other celebration! Last year, I was in Karachi with my husband’s family, and mom’s extended family, which was a fun experience. But I am excited for this year, because we’re sort of hosting. My parents and brother are visiting so I imagine our condo to be the hub for the week! As much of an introvert as I am, I do enjoy hosting friends and family. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy, a home body and it is in my comfort zone. The cleaning and cooking can be a bit of a chore, but overall, it is just very rewarding at the end!

I’ll keep you updated on my holiday plans!
But in the mean time, here’s a some inspiration from the last week!



Recipes I’ve tried this week

  • Caramel Walnut pancakes: My favourite pancake recipes is a modified version of BA’s best buttermilk pancakes. This time I added a few ingredients and topped it with walnut and caramel to make the pancakes have a more holiday feel! The recipe will be up this week 🙂caramel walnut pancakespasta cheesy comfort
  • Pasta: the ultimate comfort food: What I love about pasta is that it is so versatile! I usually don’t like jarred pasta sauce as is, so I always add a few things. Typically I add Chili, oregano, and a spoon of cream cheese, which makes the sauce super creamy and comforting!
  • Pizza:  Can you tell this week was carb heavy? The last time I made pizza, I made extra dough. I need to do this more often as it makes it so easy to have pizza! Sunday was clean out the fridge day. The pizza was perfect, I had leftover chicken from the week, and topped the pizza with green peppers, onions, and the pasta sauce from above! Not authentic, I know, but so tasty!

pizza dough

Ramblings on media (books, documentaries, podcasts etc.) that left an impact on me this week. 

pexels headphones

My book reading habits have slowed down a bit unfortunately. I do have a few books that do want to get through before the end of the year though! I have been listening to a lot of podcasts. Podcasts are easy to listen to when you’re baking, cleaning or doing other things. It’s one of those things that make me feel like I’m multi-tasking and being productive. Of course, what i learn is dependent on the podcast of course. Many of them are informational. Here are some notable episodes from last week:

  • HBR after hours: Microsoft Trending Up, Apple Trending Down…? Plus, The Marriott Data Breach
    I’ve mentioned this podcast before and I love the topics they pick because they’re usually market related, or business adjacent. In this topic they talked about Apple’s trajectory lately, as compared to Microsoft. In the past Apple has always been proud of it’s stance as the untouchable company who can do whatever it wants. They changed features on their phones, such as the headphone jacks etc. and there was no repercussions and in fact the market rewarded them! They may now be struggling to keep their tech behemoth status, as exhibited now with having to partner with other companies (like selling iPhones on Amazon). However, lately they’re under pressure, as they haven’t been innovating and only making tweaks to their devices – and people are starting to notice. Goes to show that nothing is forever and you have to keep on your toes! The episode offers a contrast between Apple and Microsoft – Microsoft is often seen as boring, but it’s fared well for them! Not saying that Apple is going anywhere anytime soon, but it’ll be interesting to watch to see how they fare! The second segment of the episode was based around Privacy and Marriott/Starwood breach. Privacy is obviously the topic of the year, and their perspective is interesting in terms of what privacy means to us as individuals in light of such breaches.
  • Side Hustle School
    This is another podcast I’ve talked about before, and I still listen to it religiously. They’re easy 10 minute episodes and I love that they’re about people who’ve had success without expending too many resources, which makes it so much more accessible for the rest of us!
    One episodes from this week, that I enjoyed was about a Korean face mask subscription company based in the US. Subscription based revenue is very popular nowadays – users get to discover new products, and the business gets some predictable revenue!
    Another episode that stuck out was about a book reading club based in London. The model is so easy, but the key is execution! They charge a membership fee and together they solve the problem of reading motivation. It was an interesting episode, as it was a reminder that there’s always a problem that hasn’t been solved. Even better, sometimes it’s a solution that helps you solve your own problem!

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