Funemployed: Planning ahead! (Week #12)

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Wow it’s December – the year seems to have flown by! A lot has happened in 2018, so I’m hunkering down in reflection mode for the next week or so before the holiday craziness begins – reflecting on the good things, the lessons learned, and just looking ahead at 2019.

Last week was active in terms of socializing. I had the opportunity to hang out with two of my nieces, and see some family and a few old friends on the weekend.

On the personal front, I started my own recipe bank! Okay I feel REALLY adult about this. I always look at a ton of recipes but for some reason when it comes time for dinner, I am hungry and left with no inspiration, usually resorting to chicken and veggies or pasta.

For my recipe bank, I started using OneNote extensively. I created a notebook, and use the OneNote clipper on chrome to save ideas, and then file away as I have some time. I will update you on how that goes!
But in the mean time, here’s a some inspiration from the last week!



Recipes I’ve tried this week

holiday sugar cookies

  • BA’s ultimate sugar cookies
    As I mentioned, I had the chance to hang out with two of my nieces, so of courses we baked, and decorated cookies! I think they were more into the sugar than the decorating, but nevertheless it was a fun activity. I love this recipe from Bon Appetit, as it is easy to put together, but it’s an elevated sugar cookie –  cross between a sugar cookie and a shortbread. The best of both worlds!
  • Garlic Shrimp Scampi – by Tasty This was an easy 30-minute meal! Shrimps cook quickly and if you have all the ingredients on hand shouldn’t take took long to put it together. I did add a bit more garlic than the recipe, and some chili flakes for heat.

shrimp scampi

  • Toum (Garlic Sauce) – Cosette’s Kitchen It was clearly a week of garlic! I’m so glad to have found this recipe. I grew up in Dubai, and a lot of Lebanese food around me. This garlic sauce was key! It makes everything taste that much better! We slathered it on everything – potatoes, shawarma, meat. My mouth is watering just thinking about the sauce. Hopefully will be able to recreate some of that taste at home now with this sauce! I need to work a bit on my emulsifying technique for next time, but otherwise this recipe is a winner!


  • Shawarma Spice Mix by Two Sleevers on pan-fried chickenOf course the garlic sauce went with this meal of shawarma chicken. I cut up some chicken breasts and coated it with the spice mix from Two Sleevers – it is wonderful paired with the sauce above and served with a side of Tabbouleh!

Ramblings on media (books, documentaries, podcasts etc.) that left an impact on me this week. 

This week I really only had one item of note:

The Hate U Give

Book: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a powerful story about some very important issues, such as racism and the topic of police brutality, which have been in the news more and more recently. The story was really a work of realistic fiction, and provide the topic a voice. There are a lot of complex issues, that stem from race, interracial relationships, money (or lack of money), and all of these are addressed as a work of art. It’s been a while I felt glued to a book, and couldn’t put it down. The downside, is that it is almost 500 pages, somehow I got through it in a couple of days, which is a testament to how good this book is!

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