Funemployed: Self-awareness & Inspiration (Week #8)

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This past weekend, we went to one of my closest friend’s wedding. We had a blast at her wedding, it was a typical Indian wedding, with multiple days of celebrations, lots of colours, food, dancing and music.

What surprised me was that it made me miss planning my wedding, putting together a vision and an experience for the guests. I thought that was a part of my life I wouldn’t miss, because it was stressful! But it really was a treat for my Type A personality, and my urge to be creative!

It was also nice to meet new people and socialize! It’s something that I’ve definitely found is missing in my life now that I’m not working. I am usually on my own at home during the day, and many days, the only person I see or speak to is my husband. It has been a good break, but as much as I am an introvert through and through, I do miss seeing friends and hanging out with them.

Due to my introverted-ness, meeting new people makes me anxious and I was out of practice it seems. What made me more anxious was the question “where do you work?” or a variation of it “what do you do?”. We are defined by what we do for work, or what we study, it is how we produce value for society, and I was so guilty of it before as well. That is how I would start to get to know someone. But I am slowly starting to learn that I have to define myself outside of being an accountant. That in itself has been a challenge, because for years, I’ve focused on work, and maybe even lost a bit of myself as a result of it. And that is why this time is more important than ever. I have the time to reflect and be self-aware of who I am, what I like, what I dislike and where my passions lie. And the more I think about it, the more I realize it is not accounting.

Anyways, here is what I’ve been up to this week.


Recipes I’ve tried this week

• Butter Chicken Pizza
img_3854We had some left over butter chicken, but I really didn’t want rice or naan. So I decided to make a pizza. Pizza dough from scratch, topped with butter chicken sauce, the chicken from the butter chicken and onions, green peppers and olives. It was delicious!

• “Roasted” potatoes
We’ve been using the Air Fryer a lot, as you can tell from my previous posts. Few tricks I’ve learned is that the starch from potatoes prevent it from getting crispy. How do you get rid of it? Cut up the potatoes and dunk it in cold water for at least 30 minutes, and if you’re being extra cautious coat it in cornstarch. After that, season with olive oil, salt, chili flakes, and garlic powder. Air fry for 20 minutes, remove from air fryer and season with parmesan cheese. Comfort potatoes <3

• Halloween Cookiesimg_3899
It was Halloween last week, and although I didn’t get all dressed up, I had to celebrate in my own way – by baking treats. Made some ghost and pumpkin cookies to commemorate Halloween! I love making sugar cookies, they are simple to bake, and I can spend all the time on being creative and decorating the cookies for the occasion!

Ramblings on media (books, documentaries, podcasts etc.) that left an impact on me this week. 

Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in BetweenTalking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between by Lauren Graham

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I picked up this book as I’ve watched Gilmore Girls over and over many time, and Lauren Graham for me is really just Lorelai Gilmore. When I first started to read this book, I read it in my head as Lorelai Gilmore, and the fast talking was exhausting, but so fun to read. It was hard to disconnect Lorelai Gilmore from Lauren Graham.

The first few chapters about her childhood have that distinct Lorelai Gilmore influence filled with humorous panic, and lots of tangent thoughts that you have no idea where she started. That made the book so much more fun to read.

As I got into the book, it was informative to read about her background, though the book does have a lull in the middle. The most interesting chapters for me were the ones she talked about Gilmore Girls, her relationships on set, and how she was feeling during the various seasons. I do wish she had gone a bit more in depth about her thoughts on the show.

The best thing about the book is it’s writing style for those familiar with Lauren Graham, but it left me craving for more.

Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show
I started listening to Tim Ferris’ podcast. To be honest, I’ve heard of him, but I didn’t know a lot about his background. I think he’s a self-help guru. The two episodes I listened to this week featured Samin Nosrat and Howard Marks.

  • Samin Nosrat — Master Creative, Master Teacher (#339)
    Samin Nosrat has been a personality I have recently started following. In past weeks, I’ve watched episodes of her Netflix series, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. On Tim Ferriss’ show she talks about how she foraged into the culinary world, but more so about how she has come to where she is, without following a set pattern, and without have a replica role model. In the culinary world, you can be a chef, you can be a restauranteur, etc. Samin has done a variety of roles including, teaching, writing, being a chef, running a restaurant. She talks about how she has recorded her goals in her Manifestation Journal, which is a tool for her to set out specific goals, and then she’s goes back to see how she has fared against what she had written down. It’s for her a personal check-in of how she’s doing, and what has gone well, what hasn’t gone well. She also talks about her struggle with mental health, and talks about her creative process. An episode worthwhile to check out if you’re looking for inspiration in a non-traditional way.
  • Howard Marks — How to Invest with Clear Thinking (#338)
    This episode focused on investing with a clear mind. Behavioral finance is something that I’ve always wanted to learn more about so it was interesting to listen to Marks’ opinion on where we are in the investment cycle, and how to assess yourself in terms of risk as well as get comfortable n investing. Howard Marks’ background is an education in philosophy giving him an interesting perspective. What’s also interesting is that I doubt in today’s world, a philosophy major would be able to get a job in an investment banking type role. He also talked about his thoughts on cryptocurrencies. This is a worthwhile episode to check out if you’re an investor or looking to invest; it helps you hone on a personal awareness of your comfort with investing.

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