Funemployed: Week #3

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Hello and welcome to my week No. 3 Update – Happy October!

It’s finally feeling like fall, and a perfect excuse to wear my scarf collection! But weather aside, fall is a great segue into feeling like the end of the year is here. There’s about 90-something days left in the year! Can you believe it?

For the most part I’m quite happy with my 2018 so far. It’s definitely been a busy year! We got married, bought a new condo, but it was also a tough year. I am glad that this is the year I’ve finally had the opportunity to take a breather I very much needed.

There’s only so much I still want to watch on TV and Netflix! I am FINALLY catching up on Season 2 of This is Us – and in the words of my husband, how am I feeling happy and sad all at the same time!?!

I will admit I am starting to get restless – which is not a bad thing. I am hoping my restlessness will result in more actively searching for opportunities of what I will do next. In the meantime, I predict I’ll be more active on this blog, and who knows maybe find more interesting things to share as a result!

This weekend, I attended an Etsy pop-up in Toronto – where there were so many artists and vendors with their handcrafted jewelry, soaps, candles, planters, etc! It was quite inspiring. I really should have been prepared to shop!

Recipes I’ve tried this week

It’s a good thing I take pictures of the food I make/eat, if not I’d have no recollection for this list!

  • Dessert: Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies: Sally’s Baking Addiction
    Another recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction. The one change I did make to her recipe was substitute with mini-chocolate chips – more chocolatey goodness in every bite! I would suggest letting the cookie dough sit overnight at least in the fridge. I made the dough and would bake only a few cookies every day over the course of the week, so that we don’t eat them all at once. The last batch of cookies were the best!
  • Dinner: Lebanese-inspired Lentil Soup
    Sometimes you don’t a ton of ingredients to make delicious food. I just went with a combination of a couple of spices – and it turned out perfectly! I documented the process on Instagram stories if you follow me there, but the recipe will be up on the blog later this week! And you’ll see how simple the recipe for a weeknight meal!
  • Dinner: Naan Pizzas – how to use up leftovers
    So we had just enough chicken left over one night for dimg_2920inner for one meal. But being the lazy cook I am, I turned them into naan (indian flatbread) pizzas! Basically top any flatbread (naan, pita, tortillas, etc.) with leftover meat, whatever veggies you have left and some cheese. Slide it into the oven until the cheese bubbles. Delicious!

Going out for brunch used to be weekly indulgence, whether it was to catch up with friends or just take a break and enjoy the city. Now, with more time, I think I much prefer making my own brunch-style meals. At the very least they don’t induce the same food coma. I’ve made these buttermilk pancakes multiple times using the recipe from Bon Appetit and it turns out great EVERY single time!
Some tricks:
I never have buttermilk on hand so I make my own, 1 cup of buttermilk = 1 cup of milk + 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before using.

Ramblings on media (books, documentaries, podcasts etc.) that left an impact on me this week. 

  • Book: Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble by Dan Lyons
    The book is written by a journalist, who in his fifties takes up a marketing job at a start-up called Hubspot. I’d heard of this company, but honestly until i read this book had no idea what they did. He adds a comedic side to the struggles of adjusting to the start-up life at Hubspot. As a millennial, honestly, I can’t relate to a lot of it. Tech/Start-up culture is where many people in my generation aspire to be. Even when I started to think about leaving my job, in real estate, which is a conservative industry, many suggested I look at a start-up, a less established organization where you maybe get to try different things. It is all about fit. And this book certainly reinforces that fit in a corporate culture is very important. From my perspective, it is not just Dan moving into a start-up, but rather into a corporate role that leaves him surprised. Start-ups and Silicon Valley certainly are not flawless. But they have forced an important shift in the way that more traditional workplaces operate, and forced them to take a harder look at how they retain talent. Overall, the book was an interesting read, a pessimistic look at the start-up culture, with a comedic element.
  • Podcast: Side Hustle SchoolChris Guillebeau
    I wrote about this podcast last week – and I’ve continued to listen to his. Chris’ style of delivering the stories is unique in that they’re not interviews but him conveying the story he’s told by these entrepreneurs. Many of them stumble upon their ideas, because of challenges, necessity, or a hobby that they’re able to turn into opportunity. The challenge for me is how does one go about intentionally looking for challenges to turn into opportunity.  I’ll keep you updated if I ever figure out that mystery!
  • Documentary:Chef’s Table: Pastry
    The episode focused on Christina Tosi, American chef and owner of Milk Bar. The story was quite inspiring in that Christina went for what she wanted! The documentary was well made, kept me glued, and has left me craving some birthday cake since then!
  • News: | Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation hearing
    So admittedly, being home in the middle of the day has it’s perks! I was able to catch Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony live. It was moving to see how brave this woman was about sharing her experience; she spoke out because she thought it was her civic duty. I usually had pigeon-holing people into Democrats vs. Republicans. But the comments by the Republican senators irked me to no end – especially Lindsay Graham’s rant. I don’t think it matters what their political motivations are to confirm Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court, think about all the time, energy and money that’s lots on tackling actual issues! What has really changes after the whole #MeToo movement? Survivors of assault who choose to tell their story years later, are still asked, well if it’s true, why didn’t you say anything earlier? At least there’s some positive trajectory. In real life, and online, I’ve seen males engage in positive discussion and expressing how they just didn’t even realize how pervasive this issue has been. Discussions like these are important and we can only hope that  future generations don’t endure this.

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