Out with the old, in with 2019!

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2018 – you were good. 2019, whatcha got for me?

One week into the year and I have yet to write a reflection / looking ahead post – it’s a necessity for a blog right?

Okay, clearly I’ve been one lazy bum – hey, I’ve been busy! So far this year, I’ve already binge watched Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Prime (you should too!), on my way to binging You on Netflix, and rewatching Parks and Rec!

But seriously, I spent a lot of time in 2018 reflecting on all the things I’ve been up to after I left my job. My life was filled with a lot more uncertainty, lots of time, but I was definitely not bored. I loved having time to work on the house, on myself, and spending my days doing things I enjoyed. No, I didn’t watch Netflix all day (just some of it)… I took on more projects around the house, read more, learned way more in those 3 months than I had in the last few years thanks to online courses and seminars! However, 2018 even apart from this, was a year filled with many milestones! Lots of adventures, and of course, lots of Instagram photo opportunities.


  1. February – We bought a condo! It is the first piece of real estate I’ve ever invested in, and I still cannot believe how much money this box with four walls cost! Granted, it is more the bank’s than ours at this point due to that pesky mortgage, but we’re on the title, so I can call it all mine! It was a fun project to decorate the place, deciding on the paint schemes, the furniture in all the crazy times leading right up to the wedding.
  2. August – We got married! Yes, another major milestone. Well, technically #1 was driven by #2. Why is it that we are encouraged to spend money on both a new house and the wedding in the same year! Advice to anyone else, try to space out those two very hefty purchases! Ah the wedding – it was a weekend filled with lots of ceremonies, traditions, colors, families, friends and surprisingly not much drama! I cannot believe how well it all went! It took months of planning (18, to be exact), but the end result was oh, so worth it. Also, I’m glad it’s done! It was a mega project, from the wedding vision, budgeting, to vendor management, shopping, to the little logistical details. I even wrote a couple of posts here and here, about my experience, and tips I have for to-be brides! This project was more challenging than my job at the time!wedding hands.jpg
  3. bye bye $September – I decided to pursue a non-accounting/non-finance career! I made the really tough, albeit risky decision to part ways with my job, and the career path I’d been planning over the last decade! Between high school, university degrees, professional exams and the CPA designation, I realized I had lost my way. I wasn’t professionally where I wanted to be. I needed to be a bit more creative, I needed to have passion in my job. Now was the time to veer myself onto a path that I wanted, not one that just naturally fit my academic and professional achievements. Not saying I regret ever going into accounting. I may even return one day. And I still maintain that it is one of those professions that teach you a lot about discipline and business, but it wasn’t something I wanted to do all my life.Our generation will be working for many more years than our predecessors, and I honestly didn’t see myself spending the rest of my professional life behind spreadsheets.
  4. whisked awayNovember – Two months into my funemployment, I decided to take on baking for others. I love baking, cooking, and food in general. I especially love anything with sugar, and of course sprinkles! So I’m now offering my services to those in Toronto. Check out my Instagram feed to see what I’ve been creating!
  5. December – Another new adventure! My mom and I are launching a business early this year (fingers crossed it’ll be in time for Valentines day!). Both my mom and I learned a lot during the wedding planning process, and we wanted to run an e-commerce based business. We love things that make people happy, so what better service than gifts! You can check us out here on our Website, on Instagram, and on Facebook!

Phew, these were just the major milestones, I don’t even think I’ve had to a chance to fully absorb all that happened in 2018!

Clearly, I had an adventurous (and very busy) 2018! Many milestones, an umpteen amount of projects, and lots and lots of learning about so many different things: weddings, blogging, social media, e-commerce.  It’s definitely a year for the books!

So what’s in store for 2019?

For the start of the year, I’ll be focusing on three major projects:

  • This blog – Sprinkles and Scribbles
  • My baking venture
  • Our gift-giving business

I’ll be a lot more active on this blog! I have content lined up for everything from the books I read, to the courses I’ve taken, and of course the food I’m making and eating.

On that note, watch out for a new series I’ll be releasing next week. It has to do with food – of course! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see on this blog!

Hope your new year has start out with a bang and you’re well on your way to reaching your 2019 goals and resolutions!




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