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An Ode to Rose – The Miracle in my Skincare Routine

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Stop and Smell the Roses – rose water, rosehip oil, or whatever form your rose comes in. My roses came in the form of a skincare miracle in my routine!

I wasn’t a typical teenager. While going through puberty I didn’t get any acne. In fact, my skin looked great from the ages of 13-16! This may sound like a humble brag, what actually happened was that I was hit with acne when I went to university. Clearly, I was a late bloomer.

So basically, when all my friends were finally free of their pubescent acne scars, I was there breaking out, with no where to hide!

From the ages of 18-26, I struggled with acne. I would put on more makeup to hide from all the scars, and that would cycle into more acne, results in more scars.

I tried pretty much everything I could think of! Used every skincare product, yes those Proactiv, Neutrogena, Clearasil, whatever I found on the drug store that promised to make my skin acne free.

I even went to skin care professionals, dermatologist, naturopaths, and really nothing was working. All the chemicals just seemed to make it all worse!

But finally was able to find the holy grail, a skincare miracle – Rosewater!

I’m sure you’ve seen rosewater being used in so many different products! Every lotion, facial oil, or face mask now has rose water. My mom was actually the first person who turned me on to rose water years ago, which is probably not surprising to anyone out there reading who is Pakistani/Indian! Since then it has grown in popularity across the skincare industry.

These days there’s rose in literally every beauty product. I mean it does smell great, so it makes the perfect addition to your beauty routine.

What’s also great is that rose actually works! You do have to give it some time, but the patience is worth it! My skin hasn’t felt this great in years!

So how exactly does rose help your skin?

Benefits of Rose in your Skincare routine

rose skincare miracle

ONE: Reduces inflammation

I was definitely not blessed with great skin naturally. In addition to the acne, I used to suffer from eczema as a child, and though I’ve never had it looked at, I may also suffer from rosacea (my skin turns red anytime it is exposed to any sensitivities).

Inflammation is likely linked to all these ailments, causing my skin to flare up.

I also am addicted to coffee, which I’m certain doesn’t help me at all!

Rose naturally has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the redness. The addition of rosewater to my skincare routine has definitely been helpful for keeping my acne, eczema and possibly rosacea in check!

TWO: Balances pH level of your skin

I always thought that my acne flared due to oily skin. So of course, I tried to use products that were created for oily skin, which results in drier skin. What I didn’t realize was that every time I used these products, my skin went into overdrive mode to create more oils to protect my skin, basically reversing whatever these products were supposed to do.

Plus my face is actually a classic T-Zone combination (oily nose and forehead and drier everywhere else).

Rosewater helps in balancing the pH level in your skin, which makes it great for all skin types – it normalizes both oily and dry skin towards a more balanced “normal” pH level!

I’m sure it’s no surprise that rose water is miraculous, as it helped control the oiliness of my skin, which meant that my skin wasn’t working overtime to protect itself, nor was it drying out the already drier parts of my face! See miracle, I told you!

THREE: Brightens and Firms your skin

Rosehip oil is touted as the anti-aging miracle. Since it is rich in Vitamin C, which helps with the brightening, and Vitamin A which helps with firming properties.

I’m not even 30, but once I started using rosehip seed oil, after just a couple of times, I could tell that it helps firm my skin. The antioxidants in rose help with anti-aging, and reducing wrinkles!

FOUR: Moisturizing

I realized that my acne was flaring as a result of oily skin, so I tried products that dried out my skin. I realized any products with salicylic acid were a death sentence for my skin!

The hydrating and moisturizing properties of rose helped my skin not flare up!

FIVE: It smells great !

Okay, I’ll admit this is a cheat benefit, but who can say no to the smell of rose. I hate products that have fragrances added, as there is an extra chemical there that causes my sensitive skin to flare. Using rose-infused products are less likely to have those added fragrances, so I know my skin can stay calm!

FIVE ways to Add Rose to your Skincare routine

With all these benefits of rose, how do you incorporate it in your skincare routine? Well, I’m here to tell you!

I’m far from having a skin care routine that I stick by diligently. I’m super impatient and want to see instant results. I’ll admit, infusing rose to different parts of my skincare routine has been miraculous, but still requires patience. Once you see the results though, you will definitely stick to your skincare routine.

Facial Mist

Okay, this is by far the easiest and number one way I use rose water. I have it in a spray bottle and spray it on my face twice daily right after I wash my face in the morning, and in the evening. I spritz and just let it air dry, and I love it! It keeps my face hydrated, and smelling great!

In the summer, I leave a spray bottle of rose water in the fridge, and it is the most refreshing thing part of my day!

I usually purchase mine at the grocery store. They’re usually available at any Indian/Pakistani or Arabic grocery stores. You could also use something like this by Herbivore Botanicals!


Rose water is often mixed with witch hazel and used as a toner! There are also many brands that make facial toner with rose water such as this one by Fresh or this one by Burt’s Bee’s!

DIY Masks

Have you ever tried a natural face mask? There are many popular concoctions, but really for any of the homemade face masks, try to replace the water in the recipe for rose water! Bonus: your face will be left smelling great!

One of my favorites is using Fuller’s Earth Powder (a type of clay), also known as Multani Mitti, mixed with rose water! This is a great exfoliating mask!

Face mask

If you’re not up for making your own face, there are so many options out there for face masks infused with rose.

Here are a few brands that have great reviews:

Facial Oils

Rose hip seed oil is all the rage. I think Kate Middleton may have popularized it! But she’s right! I use this one from Deciem but there are facial oils from lots of different brands such as

I typically massage it into my skin before bed, but there are several other ways to use it.

Use it before your flight, to keep your skin moisturized. Or add a couple of drops to your foundation, to make it a moisturizing foundation. Not falling for that ashy skin for sure!

Since starting to use rose-hip seed oil, I’ve also seen some diminished scarring from previous acne flareups! This is definitely something I’m sticking to in my skincare routine!

Do you currently use any rose-infused products? Give it a shot, I’d love to know the results!



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