Sunday Scribbles: Stay Home & Wash your Hands

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Welcome to this weekly series of thoughts/musings/things-on-the-internet that have inspired me – for better or for worse.

Hey there,

The last couple of weeks have been heavy. And if we’re being honest, the last two weeks have felt like an entire year. It feels like so much has changed, but really it’s only been about 10 days since this side of the world has turned upside down. 

Also, did we all just miss that this week was the start of Spring? It’s nice to see the sun out longer, and promise of warmer weather!

Most of the week was spent on adjusting to a new normal, settling into a new routine. And trying my hardest to not get distracted by the hourly breaking news updates, extreme volatility on the stock markets, and keeping up with the umpteen amount of press conferences that are being held daily! (or maybe that was just me?)

The week started out with the realization, that this new normal is here to stay and it ended with the resolution, to try and use this opportunity, to slow down, move away from the hustle, and focus on efficiency.

But also, to do the things I said I don’t have time for, like reading a bajillion books that don’t have to do with learning something new and to experiment with baking bread at home.

Stay home, stay sane, and please wash your hands. Until next week!


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