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Sunday Scribbles: A New Normal

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Welcome to this weekly-ish series of thoughts/musings/things-on-the-internet that have inspired me – for better or for worse. A place for my Sunday Scribbles.

Hey there,

I have not been as diligent as I wanted to be on this weekly series. But hey month, new me? The last update was at the beginning of isolation.

And now, we’re in week 34085 of quarantine now. I think I’ve lost track of how many weeks it’s been. But I think I’m at a point where I’m actually getting used to this form of life, and maybe even enjoying it? I call it the new normal.

At this point, we’ve gotten into the quarantine routine. Using virtual gatherings, and weekend “brunches” to differentiate between weekends and weekdays. Overall, there are now more days where I am at peace than days where I feel like I’m missing out.

There’s something oddly freeing about not having things in your calendar, having an excuse to do what you like. Of course, it stems from a place of privilege. But I think it’s good to use this time as a way of taking a pause or using it more productively, whichever you need in this season.

I have been lucky enough to spend more time writing, learning new skills to improve my blog, and also trying to learn new things, that I usually would say I have no time to do!

So far my list of “new skills” includes giving myself a haircut, threading my own eyebrows, giving myself manicures. And just like everyone else I made my own sourdough starter and have been baking bread and pastries!

These are products and services I would have usually paid for out of convenience (in “normal times”) but now have done for myself. I actually had fun experimenting with them all!

Should we really go back to normal?

But I’m also curious to see what happens after this has all passed when we return to “normal”. I’ve started to think about the things that we might take into the next phase of our lives. Will we actually revert to our original habits before the pandemic or will enough of us have migrated to DIY solutions to actually impact change in industries and businesses?

I’ve also been reading a lot about how this pandemic has actually exposed inefficiencies in society – broken supply chains, food waste, economic inequalities, broken business models. Here is an interesting piece on the change of retail in America. I do hope that as a society we learn to grow from it, and come out better on the other side.

A New Month!

Onto happier things: it’s the first weekend of May! May is usually my favorite month of the year (hello birthday month!). This May, of course, feels different.

I’m still not sure if I will be celebrating, or how I will be celebrating, but I do think to turn 30 during this time, will be something I remember for the rest of my life!

And now I’d like to leave you with a few things that I’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks:

  • Virtual Hangouts: Playing games online with others, such as Codenames via Zoom, or on this app called House Party
  • Weekend brunches: Differentiating between weekends and weekdays by trying new brunch recipes or old favorites like Sour Cream Pancakes, or Nutella French Toast.
  • Virtual Celebrations: I love reading about the ways in which people are getting creative about celebrations like virtual birthdays, and even put together a list of date night ideas!
  • Daily Reading Routine: I’ve incorporated at least 15 minutes of reading every night, and that meant in April I actually got through 4 books (vs. my usually 1 book a month record)!
  • Dalgona Coffee: Of course I’ve made Dalgona coffee, both for an actual coffee drink and even as a brownie frosting (highly recommended!)
  • Next project: I am looking to have more plants at home. Might just jump on the bandwagon of growing my own vegetables next like everyone else!

Have I completed quarantine bingo yet?

Until next week(ish)!


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