Sunday Scribbles: The one where I turn 30!

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Turning 30 is a milestone! This is a birthday I will definitely remember – a milestone birthday in the middle of a pandemic.

Honestly, I thought I’d dread this day more.
I thought I’d freak out a bit a la Rachel from Friends.

Leading up to this birthday, I made this ambitious bucket list of things I wanted to do before I was 30, and then an update of the 30 before 30. Admittedly, I didn’t achieve everything on that list. And I will continue to work through it over the next little while!

Surprisingly, not completing every single item on that bucket list did not freak me out. I don’t feel unaccomplished, or like I failed.

But I’m actually feeling okay. That I think on its own is a sign of maturity and progress!

In reality, I feel a bit relieved. It almost feels like I have finally arrived? Not exactly sure where, but maybe arrived at adulthood?

To celebrate, my husband and I did a movie marathon during the day. We watched The Parent Trap and 13 going on 30. And then celebrated with friends and family over Zoom with cake and Thai food!

Oddly, I actually enjoyed not having to leave my house or to have to dress up for this celebration!

My twenties were a decade of lots of growing up. Focusing on getting through university, getting a professional designation, purchasing a condo, getting married. I also started this blog, late in my twenties. There is a lot that I’ve learned about myself over the last little while.

I am actually looking forward to my thirties! Here are all the things I’m looking forward to now that I am 30!

Things I’m looking forward to in my Thirties!

#1: Sleeping early – and owning it

I’ve basically never been a night owl and I love sleep.

I will be owning that fact that I fall asleep at 10 pm, in the middle of a movie. I look forward to being able to leave events before 11, because it’s past my bedtime.

I’m also not a morning person. So I will also take with me into my thirties the concept of sleeping in. I look forward to discovering if one turns into a morning person as they grow older!

#2: Choosing timeless over trendy fashion

Thanks to my height, body shape, and other factors, shopping at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Asos, Zara, and fast fashion outlets, in general, were not for exactly the best clothing purchases for me. But I still felt compelled to shop there, as the styles at other stores were more mature styles.

Now, in my thirties, I’m looking forward to making a more conscious effort is buying evergreen, investment pieces, rather than fall for trends and fads.

#3: Saying no to invites that involve wearing heels

I actually do love shoes – pumps, stilettos, strappy sandals, all of them! I just don’t love how they feel at the end of the night!

I did enough of that in my 20’s, especially since I’m a short 5-foot girl! I’d feel like I had to wear heels everywhere. And then I would hobble out of the event at the end of the night, and be in pain the next day.

In my thirties, I look forward to being able to say no to events that I would have to wear heels, or at least feel okay about choosing more comfortable shoes for those events!

#4: Not having to keep up with that latest trend/song/meme/gif

Yes, I have tried TikTok. And I am still on Instagram. But I no longer feel the pressure to understand and abide by the latest trend. That baton has been passed to the Gen Z’s and beyond!

I look forward to getting away not knowing the latest trend, and maybe even having it being explained to me!

#5: Valuing quality over quantity of friendships

I think the last time I made a ton of friends I was in university. But I’m much happier, and a less conscious self in smaller groups. I love spending time with friends 1-1 or with a small group.

In my 30’s I’m looking forward to being a better friend to those who have stuck around!

#6: Accepting my introverted tendencies

I’ve struggled between the my extrovert and introvert self.

Whether it was forced socialization at school, networking at work, there is a lot of pressure to be an extrovert. I learned to be an extrovert, but I didn’t love it, and thought there was something wrong with me!

Over the last few years, my introvert tendencies have started to win out, and I’ve never felt better! I look forward to spending my thirties being comfortable being an introvert!

#7: Focusing on family

I spent my twenties on adjusting to adulthood, and professional life.

For my thirties, I’m looking forward to spending more time focused on family, and maybe even children this decade!

#8: A healthier relationship with money.

Accepting money isn’t everything, but that it does matter

In my 20’s I oscillated between the chase for money, because that defined success, and then swinging to feeling money doesn’t matter as much. Well, I’m looking forward to having enough of it in my 30’s.

And learning more about spending it wisely, investing it well, and having a healthy relationship with money.

#9: Exploring and expressing creativity in different forms

I grew up thinking I was not creative. And that judgment followed me from school to university to adulthood. In my late 20’s I finally started to see that creativity is not just about painting landscapes or being able to do origami.

Writing and baking are also forms of creativity I can embrace and explore to express myself. I look forward to continuing to explore that in my 30s!

#10: Unapologetically being me

With all the lessons and experiences from my 20’s I’m hoping that I can take those into my thirties, and live unapologetically.

Be more confident in myself, stand up for me, and enjoy a new decade of my life!

Cheers to Thirty!


  • Kyra | June 10, 2020 at 10:41 AM

    Some good things to look forward to here! I love sleeping early!
    -Kyra xx

    • Anum H June 11, 2020 at 6:26 PM

      Oh yes for sure! I need that beauty sleep!

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