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30 before 30: A Bucket List


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30 before 30 – Who knew getting a year old, would change so much! There are so many things that I thought I would have accomplished by 30. Some are possible, some are not. Here’s a bucket list of all the things to do before I turn 30!

Today, I turned 29! Geez, this might be the last birthday I might want to actually celebrate!

Twenty-nine is a not really a significant year, but thirty feels like a milestone! There are lots of things I thought I’d have figured out by the time of I was thirty. Or things I thought I would do once I became an “adult”.

I thought my terrible habits would somehow magically go away! Maybe I would actually enjoy cleaning or doing the dishes! But that has yet to happen.

I thought I would automatically become more responsible, or have my life together somehow.

I’m slowly learning that “having it together” is more a work in progress, not something you can just check off on a list!

There are also lots of things I just always thought I would get to one day when I had more time.

So in the spirit of almost thirty, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of things that I want to do before I’m thirty!

Relive some childhood memories before 30

ONE: Eat cereal for dinner

Because I can.

TWO: Re-watch my favourite Disney classics

101 Dalmatians, Little Mermaid & the Lion King were my favorites growing up!

THREE: Ride a roller coaster

I used to love theme parks when I was younger, and we used to go to Canada’s Wonderland a few times a year! It’s been a few years now!

Challenge my introvert self

THREE: Eat at a restaurant alone

I know, I know, with Uber Eats, there’s really no need for this, but it would be fun to say I did!

FOUR: Get back in touch with friends

I’m terrible at keeping in touch, so this will be a written reminder to make a conscious effort.

FIVE: Go to three some networking events

And actually participate! I’m not great at small talk, but it’s a good skill to have!

Out of my comfort zone

SIX: Train and actually run a 5K

Okay, so this may not be difficult for many, but I HATE running! Now that we live by the water, should take advantage of this!

SEVEN: Go to some dance/yoga/fitness classes

Group activities are intimidating!

EIGHT: Learn another language

I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish!

Brains & Creativity

I’ve recently started baking and writing as my creative outlet, but I have other things I want to try!

NINE: Read 50 books in one year

Need at least one stretch goal I guess!

TEN: Read 2 classic books

As much I enjoy reading, I have not read too many “classics” like Pride and Prejudice, Catcher in the Rye, Wuthering Heights and such.

ELEVEN: Start to learn playing the guitar

I bought a guitar at the beginning of January, and have definitely not really picked it up since the first month! Though I’m not musically inclined, I think it’d be fun to learn!

TWELVE: Complete two online courses

I’ve talked about online courses before, I should take courses that are unrelated to anything I do, or want to do – Like astronomy maybe?

THIRTEEN: Lettering

I find lettering super therapeutic, but am always intimidated by skill I see all over! This is another creative outlet I want to explore.


30 before 30: a bucket list

FOURTEEN: Buy a Piece of Art

Just a way to furnish our condo!

FIFTEEN: Find a signature scent

Might just be an excuse to shop at Sephora …

SIXTEEN: Get my driver’s license!

This one’s just embarrassing, but living in the city, means that I have no incentive to get it, but I really should!

SEVENTEEN: Upgrade my set of pots

I still have pots from university, they work, but I’ve been eyes Le Creuset pots, so you know another excuse to shop!

EIGHTEEN: Revamp / Cleanout my closet

I still have clothes from high school that I haven’t worn in years, that I will probably never wear, but I’ve kept. Time to toss them out, and create more space for new clothes!

NINETEEN: Learn to keep plants & herbs alive

I like having plants in my living area and fresh herbs to cook with, but I can’t seem to keep any alive!

Foodie Goals to hit before 30

Foodie goals - 30 before 30

TWENTY: Try a new cuisine

I did start a Food Trotter section on this blog for this very reason, but I want to follow through with this one! Maybe I’ll travel somewhere where I can try food I’ve never eaten!

TWENTY-ONE: Bake bread & croissants

I really enjoy baking, but baking anything like bread or really most things with yeast feels like such a process. I hear it can be therapeutic, so i’ll giev this a shot.

TWENTY-TWO: Eat at a Michelin star restaurant

As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any Michelin star restaurants in Toronto, but I should definitely make it a goal to travel somewhere where I can experience this!

TWENTY-THREE: Nail a signature dish

I enjoy cooking! But I can’t think of a go-to meal, side or appetizer that’s my signature dish! I’ll have to try a few this year, and see what makes the cut!


Habits to accomplish, before turning 30

TWENTY-FOUR: Nail my skincare routine

Some days I take care of my skin, other times, months go by before I put on a face mask! I want to figure out a skincare routine for my skin that I follow morning and evening.

TWENTY-FIVE: Journal Everyday

I’ve started to keep a journal, but I switch between digital and my bullet journal. I want to actually make this a habit I can stick to!

TWENTY-SIX: Clean as I go

I’m found that I’m always falling for the snowball effect in cleaning: when the tasks build up and then cleaning just becomes a crazy chore. I want to clean a bit every day, so it’s never a full-day project!

TWENTY-SEVEN: Establish a work out habit

Going to the gym just always feels like a chore – I envy those who have made the gym a habit, and it’s not a chore anymore.

TWENTY-EIGHT: Wear a full face of makeup once a week

i.e.: use the make up I’ve been collecting.


rose skincare

TWENTY-NINE: Meditate at least once a week

I hear this is good for you!

THIRTY: Be KIND to myself

I’m my own worst critic, I need to remind myself this year to be kind, and not be harsh with myself when I don’t accomplish lofty goals!

I’ll update you as I go!



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