Ultimate Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover

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This gift guide is the ultimate guide for the coffee lover in your life! Whether you’re looking for coffee accessories, or coffee inspired items for their home, it’s got it all! There are even gifts for coffee lovers under $20!

If you’re looking for gifts for your coffee loving friends and family, this gift guide has your back.

As a fellow coffee lover, I can tell you that I would be ecstatic if anyone got me anything coffee – whether it’s actual coffee, coffee mugs, or even coffee scented candles!

So browse, and get inspired for some of my favorite picks for gifts for coffee lovers!

Gifts for coffee lovers under $20

If you’re specifically looking for some simple gift options for under $20 for the coffee lover in your life, here are some great options:

Daily Coffee Addict

First up, here’s something for the daily coffee addict. You know the one who can’t have a coherent conversation before their cup of coffee?

For those who enjoy their coffee daily, a coffee subscription or a variety pack of coffee beans can be a great gift! They’ll get to enjoy different types of coffee, and never have to worry about running out of coffee!

Coffee Accessories

There are so many different ways to make coffee, and everyone has their own preferences. But most of us coffee addicts love to experiment with different ways to level up our coffee game. These accessories will help them level up their coffee game.

Coffee experiences

A coffee lover will love any and all things coffee, especially learning more about coffee.

A few that caught by eye:

Coffee Mugs

Can there be a coffee gfit guide without mugs? That coffee has to go somewhere! Mugs are a coffee lover’s ultimate companion. I have a huge collection of mugs, that get used ALL the time. And I’m always on the lookout for new and unique mugs! Trust me, there is no such thing as too many mugs!

Coffee Treats

Treats infused with coffee always get me excited! As a coffee addict, this coffee candy brings back a whole lot of nostalgia for me. And I’ve got my eye on this Coffee Maple Syrup! It would be perfect for all kinds of breakfast foods, even on these mocha waffles!

Coffee Scents

Your coffee loving friends will also love any candles that smell like coffee! These fun scents are bound to be a great gift for them, so their desk can smell like coffee 24/7!

Coffee Scrubs and Soaps

Everyone, but especially coffee addicts would probably be excited to know that coffee is a great exfoliant! It can be used

Coffee & Home Decor

If your coffee loving friends want to display their love for coffee, these home decor accents can be a great gift!

More Coffee Sets

Still have no idea what to get the coffee lovers in your life? These gift sets might be the answer.

There are so many creative options!

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  • Rachel Frampton January 17, 2021 at 9:15 PM

    My dad loves coffee so much, and that is why I’m thinking of gifting him with K-cups for his upcoming birthday since he’ll love this for sure. Well, aside from what I’ve stated, you are also right that mugs and coffee warmer are a great way to put a smile on his face. I’ll also keep in mind to look for a coffee subscription so he’ll never run out of his favorite beverage.

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