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Monochrome Purple Splatter Macarons

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These painted Monochrome Purple Splatter Macarons are an easy design that you can decorate on store-bought or baked from scratch at-home macarons. They’re an elegant look for macarons that can elevate any gift or dessert table!

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purple splatter macarons on board

The Inspiration

This look was an experiment in trying to decorate macarons in the easiest way possible.

I had created these splatter macarons in this past for Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to create a more monochrome look with this set.

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purple splatter macarons on board

How to make these Monochrome Purple Splatter Macarons?

Step #1: Bake your macarons

Start with your favorite macaron recipe, and add just drop of Americolor violet gel color.

Let the shells cool completely.

If you need some tips on how to make macarons, check out this post on tips on how to make macarons!

Alternatively, you can buy plain purple macarons, from your favorite bakery as well!

Step #2: Prepare your workspace

It is a bit of a messy project!

Work in an area that you don’t mind cleaning up. If working outside is an option definitely do it!

The “paint” should come off most surfaces because it is food coloring. But if you have expensive furniture or fabric, make sure to cover it all up before starting to splatter!

purple splatter macarons on board

Step #3: Splatter the paint

When you’re ready to paint, on a small plate, add a drop of violet food gel, and some edible rose gold paint.

Alternatively, you can mix violet-colored food gel, with some luster dust, and almond extract or vodka. A dropper is very useful in this.

One way to “splatter” the paint on your macarons is to hold the brush between your thumb and middle finger and tapping the brush with your second finger. You can vary the vigor of your taps to create differently sized splatters.

Another way: The messy, but in my opinion better approach was to rustle the bristles with paint onto the macarons. This gets the paint all over your hands, but it creates finer sprays, which look more delicate.

Let the shells dry for a couple of hours before handling again.

Step #4: Fill your macarons

Once the shells are dry, fill them with your favorite filling!

I love using Nutella as a quick filling that’s also a crowd favorite! Find my Nutella Macaron recipe here.

These are super cute on a dessert tray or as gifts! Here’s another variation on this splatter look, with two different colors – these were some macarons I made for Valentine’s Day!

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