Painted Leaf Green & Rose Gold Macarons

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These painted Leaf Green & Rose Gold Macarons are an easy design that you can paint on store-bought or baked from scratch at-home macarons. They’re an elegant look for macarons that can elevate any gift or dessert table!

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The Inspiration

I made these macarons, just as the weather was turning to spring. I was in the mood for something a bit brighter, a pick me up macaron project.

I did debate a more tropical design, but decided to wait until summer for that! These leaf green and rose gold macarons, are perfect for just a touch of freshness as the weather turns from cold to warm-ish.

These macarons look so elegant, especially with that touch of rose gold!

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How to make these Painted Leaf Green & Rose Gold Macarons?

leaf macarons

Step #1: Bake your macarons

Start with your favorite macaron recipe, and add just drop of Americolor leaf green gel color.

Let the shells cool completely.

If you need some tips on how to make macarons, check out this post on tips on how to make macarons!

Alternatively, you can buy green macarons, from your favorite bakery as well!

Step #2: Paint the Rose Gold

leaf macarons

Using a small piece of parchment paper as your guide to cover half the macaron on an angle, paint the rest with Edible paint in rose gold.

Let try for about 10 minutes. It won’t be completely dry yet, but just enough to let you handle the macaron again.

Remember, you only need to paint half the shells!

Step #3: Paint the Green Leaf

When you’re ready to paint, on a small plate, add a drop of green food gel, with a couple of drops of almond extract. A dropper is very useful in this.

Try not to use water, as macarons do not like moisture!

Using a small, angled brush, paint one center branch, and using the leftover paint on the brush, create angled streaks to create the leaf effect.

Let the shells dry for a couple of hours before handling again.

macarons with leaf and rose gold

Step #4: Fill your macarons

Once the shells are dry, fill them with your favorite filling!

I love using Nutella as a quick filling that’s also a crowd favorite! Find my Nutella Macaron recipe here.

These are super cute on a dessert tray or as gifts! I love creating hand-painted macarons, like these hand-painted floral macarons, because each one is slightly different and unique!

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