Stay at Home: Ideas for Date Night for Couples


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These fun stay at home date night ideas for couples are fun options that go beyond watching Netflix. Save this list for fun ideas to stay home, but still enjoy date night in the future!

Sometimes you’re not in the mood to get dressed and go out. It might be the dead of winter when all you want to do is stay home on date night. Or we might be in the midst of a pandemic, and all we can do is stay at home.

Date night is not canceled! There are plenty of fun ideas for a date night at home!

This year has definitely been a challenge. Spending lots of time at home means that you have to get creative with how we spend our time in the comfort of our own homes, without going stir crazy!

These fun ideas for date night are perfect for when you’re stuck at home, for when you and your partner just want to have a fun night in or are stuck indoors!

23 Fun Ideas for a Stay at Home date Night

#1: Movie or TV show marathon

This one is the most obvious date night activity. But watching or rewatching your favorite movie of TV show series can be a fun activity!

We’re currently marathoning through all the movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this order.

Other options are:

  • Lord of the Rings
  • Harry Potter movies

Don’t forget the movie time snacks: popcorn or candy, or both!

I highly recommend you make a batch of these Movie Night: Popcorn Chocolate Chip Cookies!

#2: Compete with Board Games

Board games can be a fun and competitive activity, without screen time!

We really like Monopoly Deal, Codenames or Bananagrams. They’re all fun games that can be played as a pair!

#3: Tapas Dinner

If you’re a foodie couple, there are so many fun ideas that you can use for a date night at home!

Plan a tapas dinner the next time you go grocery shopping.

Cook a few of the with the trusty favorites like Patatas Bravas or Croquettes and pair them with easy options like manchego cheese and a plate of olives to round out the meal. I loved this guide by Brit + Co!

Pair the meal with your favorite Spanish wine or make a jug of Sangria to go along with the tapas!

#4: Fancy Brunch or Diner Favorites

Breakfast is my favorite meal any time of day!

There are so many different ways to make meals out of eggs, or try a new take on pancakes or french toast.

Some of my favorite recipes are

#5: Plan an at home Photoshoot

Sounds cheesy, but this could be a lot of fun!

Use different props you have lying around at home to create a backdrop, or as your photo booth props, and pretend you’re not really home!

#6: Workout together

There are plenty of workouts on Youtube, or even offered through your gym online!

Use this time to try a new type of workout, you would usually not do together, whether it’s Yoga or HIIT workout.

#7: TikTok couples challenge

It’s easy to spend hours just watching videos on TikTok (I know, because I’ve done it).

You can try to re-create your favorite creators, or try something like Dura challenge – find some inspiration here!

#8: Romantic Candlelight Dinner

If you’re feeling fancy, and don’t want to cook at home, then order in a full three-course meal from your favorite restaurant.

Make sure to plate it like you’re at a restaurant, light a candle, and have a romantic date night!

#9: Spa Night

An at-home spa night could be just the thing you need to destress. Put on some face masks or draw a bath to use your favorite bath bombs!

#10: Bake together

There are so many fun and easy recipes that you can try.

Whether you’re into simple cookies or try a more challenging bake like croissants or bread!

Some of my favorites are:

#11: At home picnic

Make your favorite picnic sandwiches, or just snack on some olives, meats, and cheese with a bottle of wine!

Bonus: if you have a yard or a patio, you can have a real picnic!

#12: Paint a room together

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading an accent wall at home or painting your living room, it could be a fun date night activity to do at home!

#13: Cooking Challenges

Challenge each other to cook a meal with some funky ingredient or to use up that head of cabbage in the fridge!

Bonus: it’s a great way to not waste any food

#14: Cook together from a country you want to visit

If your vacation plans have hit a snag recently, try cooking a dish from the country you were planning to visit.

Try making some homemade pasta from scratch for Italy, Spanish Paella, or Tacos from Mexico!

There is also this list of online cooking classes you can take together!

fun ideas for date night

#15: Paint Night & Wine

Open bottle of wine, pull up a landscape photo, and try to paint it!

Who knows you might discover a new talent!

#16: Puzzle together

Try a 1,000 or even 4,000 piece puzzle. You can even frame it later as a memory!

Or build a LEGO set like this version of the famous central perk cafe on Friends!

#17: Learn a new language together

If you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish or Japanese, now’s the time to do it! DuoLingo is a great app to learn new languages.

#18: Learn a new hobby together

There are so many places to take new courses.

BluPrint has a large offering of courses from photography, to art to crafting whatever you prefer!

Or if you have a guitar sitting around that one of you meant to learn. This could be a fun idea for date night at home, that you can do every week!

#19: Learn a new type of dance

Put on some old-timey music, and learn to waltz.

Or master a Salsa dance routine!

Bonus: You can even dress up in your best outfits!

#20: Create an adventure list

Come up with a list of places you want to visit.

This could be a list of places you want to visit in your city, or brainstorm a bucket list of places you want to visit around the world!

#21: Compete with new video game

If board games aren’t so much your speed, then video games may be it!

You’re more into the Switch or PS4, there’s definitely a game for you to try!

Honestly, I’m not into video games, but even I enjoy games like Rocket League.

fun ideas for date night

#22: Visit a (virtual) museum

Google Arts and Culture has many museums or virtually visit the Lourve, or the Vatican which also have virtual tours from their own websites!

#23: Make a photo book / scrapbook

If you’ve taken any trips recently, go through those photos. Then, create a photobook to print your favorite photos from the trip.

It’s a great way to re-live those memories until your next trip!

Or you can document this year with this Quarantine Edition Scrapbook!

Which of these will you try next?

Hope these ideas help with planning your next fun date night at home!


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